The great thing about working with a small company is that you’re not just a number. You’re family.

We pride ourselves on making a complete and custom package to set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success, and nothing makes us happier than seeing you and your dog living life to the fullest. Together.

“Evan has been instrumental in training Dutch, as well as myself. Dutch is a high-drive Belgian Malinois who happens to be my best friend on planet Earth. Evan has poured out his heart and soul for us from day one. I could have never done this on my own.

I would recommend Evan to anyone with high expectations of their dog, at any age and stage of their life.”

     BEAUx (DUTCH)

“We are so grateful that we decided to have Evan as our trainer. He explains everything with ease and doesn’t get frustrated. Any problem you have, he immediately seeks a solution. Our girls are way better behaved, and we have a stronger bond thanks to Evan and the tools he gave us to succeed.”

     —Troy & Mindy (PUDDLES & MINNIE)

“Evan truly has a way with dogs and was able to explain his methods and the reasons behind them in a way I could understand. I went through several trainers and was told Vaat was too stubborn and would not learn. Evan saw a way to train her when others couldn’t. He found a way for Vaat to engage with me and has shaped it into the bond we have today.

I have no idea what I would have done if Evan wasn’t willing to work with us, but I know Vaat wouldn’t be the happy and playful dog she is today. I will forever be thankful to Evan for his determination, willingness, and patience to teach us, which has resulted in a bond I didn’t think was possible.”

     Amanda (VAAT)